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The decision to remove a tree isn’t easy. Our fully registered and insured team is with you every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible. Using OSHA-certified equipment, we work safely and efficiently while protecting your lawn and yard from damage. We work with you to decide how to handle wood left behind, as well as the best options for you regarding stump grinding or removal. Serving Ashford, Mansfield, Tolland, South Windsor, and surrounding CT areas. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free estimate.

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Stumps are More Than Eyesores

When left behind, tree stumps can attract and become a home for termites and other pests, as well as become breeding grounds for rot and disease. This can lead to property damage and infestation.

Signs of Tree Distress

There are a number of reasons a tree becomes unsafe and needs to be removed. Signals to watch for are limbs no longer producing leaves, major trunk damage or limb loss due to a storm, or recent (within two consecutive years) gypsy moth attack. You don’t have to guess: consultations and estimates are free. Our experts assess the situation and will provide you with a safe, solid plan and premium tree removal service.

Call Before You Dig

It’s important for us to know if and where septic tanks and leach fields are located, as well as the locations of underground power and gas lines and any other underground hazards on your property. We utilize Call Before You Dig, a free state-regulated, nonprofit organization that works with public utilities and municipalities to disseminate information about underground facilities in the excavation area.

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